List of public AWS resources for GEOS-ChemΒΆ

Currently all resources are in us-east-1 (N. Virginia).

Latest resources:

Resource ID/name Size Content
Tutorial AMI
ami-08c83a8b3ebd20b63 100 GB
  1. gfortran 5.4.0, netCDF-Fortran 4.4.3
  2. GC environment variables
  3. GC source code and Unit Tester
  4. 4x5 geosfp run directory
  5. Pre-compiled executable in rundir
  6. Geoscientific Python environment
  7. Sample gcdata directory
ami-21f37a5e 100 GB
  1. Pre-configured GCHP rundir
  2. Sample GCHP input data
  3. GCHP container environment
S3 bucket for
all GC data
s3://gcgrid (requester-pay) ~30 TB All current GEOS-Chem input data

Old resources (for record):

Resource ID/name Size Content
Older tutorial
ami-ab925cd6 70 GB Same as tutorial AMI but uses v11-02d